Friday, January 13, 2012

Free WiFi at Munich International Airport

FMG, the Munich Airport operating company, has launched a new service: Effective immediately, passengers and airport visitors can surf the internet using the airport's WLAN for up to 30 minutes with no fees. Users of notebook computers and WLAN-enabled handheld devices, from tablets to mobile phones, are now just a few clicks away from reading e-mails and checking their favorite websites in the waiting areas of both terminals as well as the Munich Airport Center. 

The new free service is based on the existing Deutsche Telekom HotSpot service at the airport. Here's how it works: Users who wants to go online with their own devices simply launch a browser. A start-up page will then open with a link to the registration page, where the user can enter the access code. This code is then sent as a text message to the user's mobile telephone. As soon as the code is entered in the HotSpot portal, the user will have full internet access. 

The free service can be accessed by a given user once a day and terminates after 30 minutes. When the free 30-minute period ends, a single click opens the regular HotSpot portal, where additional time can be purchased by credit card. The price for each additional hour of online time is €4.95.