Thursday, April 15, 2010

Breaking News - Volcano eruption in Iceland impact air traffic!

Ash cloud from Iceland volcano disrupts flights in Northern Europe

A huge cloud of ash from an Icelandic volcano has led to the closure of all airports in the UK and Ireland. Airports in Northern Scandinavia have also been shut down and the airspace closed.

In the course of the afternoon the airports Amsterdam and Brussels were closed because of congestion due to the large number of diverted aircraft. We are therefore cancelling all cross-border flights to and from Amsterdam and Brussels.

This will result in delays in air traffic and a considerable number of flight cancellations for the regions concerned. Passengers affected by the cancellations are kindly requested to contact the airline’s Service Center.

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Meteorologists have put forward different scenarios as regards the projected trajectory and drift of the cloud. A precise forecast about the course it will take and its impact on Germany cannot therefore be made as yet.

So far Hamburg is the only German airport that has been closed.

Intercontinental flights have hardly been affected by the effects of the volcanic eruption, although individual flights to the United States and Canada have been delayed due to the need to fly around the ash cloud. All other long-haul flights are operating as normal.

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