Monday, April 19, 2010

Lufthansa has resumed flight operations

Last update: April 19, (17:30 ET)

Lufthansa has resumed operation of a majority of its long-haul flights.

This evening (April 19) all long-haul flights with only a few exceptions as well as some intra-european and domestic flights are operating. On Tuesday (April, 20th) all long distance flights are expected to be operated on schedule. In addition, on Tuesday morning, single domestic flights will take place. At present all other domestic and intra-european flights are cancelled until 18:00 UTC.

On Tuesday, Lufthansa plans to expand its flight plan gradually.
Confirmed passengers:
Only those passengers holding a confirmed booking on a Lufthansa operated flight departing today are asked to go to the airport. In addition, due to the current uncertain status of connecting flights, passengers will only be transported to Germany. Relevant visa requirements will therefore apply and passengers not holding a current Visa or Schengen Visa cannot be transported to Germany.
Please be aware that not all of these flights are reflected yet as "cancelled" in the online "Arrival and departure" information; this is due to technical problems. Please refer to this web page for ongoing updates.

All passengers who do not hold a confirmed booking for today’s Lufthansa operated flights areurged not to travel to the airport.

For further information, rebookings, reissuance of tickets or refunds, please contact the Lufthansa Service Center at 1-800-645-3880. (Due to the high call volume, please expect longer waiting times than usual.)

The planned flight operation depends on the current conditions.

For code share flights operated by a partner airline, please check with your operating carrier. These flights have the following flight numbers: LH1400 - LH1729, LH1910 - LH2629 or LH5050 - LH9999. If you are not sure if your flight is operated by a partner airline, please refer to your booking confirmation.

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