Monday, March 14, 2011

Augsburg, Frankfurt, Sinsheim are gearing up for the games

In the city of Augsburg soccer madness will meet small-town charm. Magnificent historical buildings from the Roman, Rococo and Renaissance eras as well as the Roman Museum, Fuggerei, and Mozart House are among the many attractions visitors come to explore each year. 
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Combining the traditional with the modern, the city of Frankfurt is an exciting, cosmopolitan metropolis to visit. Experience the vibrant cultural scene with its numerous museums, music events or modern theater performances, and soak in the city's vibrant atmosphere at one of the cozy wine bars in the historical district of Sachsenhausen.

Sinsheim is situated in the scenic Rhine-Neckar valley where the US team will be playing against Colombia on July 2. Lush vineyards, the medieval Castle Steinsberg, the nearby Castle Road and the picturesque city of Heidelberg invite to romantic escapes in between the matches.

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The FIFA Women's World Cup is taking place from June 26th through July 17th in Germany. it is not too late to book your packages! Please call Nonstop Travel at (800) 949-6362.

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