Wednesday, July 25, 2012

LAX Construction on Tom Bradley International Terminal to Cause 'Severe' Traffic Delays

Construction on the Tom Bradley International Terminal (TBIT) at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) starts today, and officials are warning travelers of major traffic delays near the terminal.
Part of the first phase of the $23.5 million project, the construction will give the TBIT's facade a facelift, including replacing the glass canopies in front of the terminal to match those detailed in the modern architectural design for the new international terminal currently under construction. Slated for completion in spring 2013, the project will also update the terminal with new outside escalators, signage and energy-efficient lighting, according to City News Service.
Here's what you need to know regarding maneuvering the TBIT during construction. The departure level curbside lane between the international terminal and Terminal 4 will be closed, and the first entrance to the terminal is closed to passenger drop-off. Cars will, however, be permitted to drop off passengers at the second and third entrances. The pedestrian sidewalk along the terminal will remain fully open.
"It's going from the mid-'80s-type of architecture to this new, sleek, curved, metal-type of architecture in a lot of new buildings," Albert Rodriguez, a spokesman for LAX, told L.A. Times.
CNS says the project "is expected to cause severe traffic backups near the terminal," and existing lane closures related to the $438 million Central Utility Plant Replacement Project won't help with congestion. Curbside lanes between Terminal 3 and the Tom Bradley terminal will remain closed on the departure and arrival levels as the airport replaces the 50-year-old power plant with a modern facility. Additionally, roadwork that will prompt lane closures has been planned in order to add 8.7 miles of piping between the new central utility plant and terminals.
Airport officials hope passengers, motorists, airport employees and vendors heed their warnings to allow more time traveling to and from the airport.

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